Saturday, April 16, 2011

Friend Me: BFFs who show TLC 121

Call us: Randy and Lindsay
Decade born: 1970's
Favorite cupcake: Friend Me
Making a difference: Supporting leukemia and lymphoma research

Randy and Lindsay's pregnant friend, Jen, was laying on the floor playing with her little boy when she ran her hand across her neck and felt a lump. The most frightening part of her diagnosis was finding a cancer treatment that would not harm her unborn baby. Jen delivered her healthy baby boy, and 6 days later started chemotherapy. Thanks to the latest in cancer research, this devoted mom just celebrated a year since the treatment began, and is able to nurture and enjoy her growing family.

Randy and Lindsay have joined others in raising funds for research that could help people like Jen find victory over this often fatal disease. When this caring couple shaved their heads as an act of solidarity in their friend's battle against cancer, they were able to raise $2,030 for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society online.

Another fundraiser Randy and Lindsay do each year is the Crop Walk… correction: their dog, Ivy, does the Crop Walk. Ivy raises donations online for local and worldwide hunger programs. WOOF!

The perfect cupcake to celebrate this family's special joy in helping others is the "Friend Me" cupcake. A chocolate cake with peanut butter center, topped with dark chocolate ganache, a splooch of icing, and a pretzel! Why the pretzel? For one thing, baking pretzels (from scratch!) is one of Randy's specialties. For another, the pretzel has long represented friendship and prayer -- two hallmark traits of this very special couple!

Make "Friend Me" cupcakes:

"You must be a friend," said Corduroy. "I've always wanted a friend." (from Corduroy by Don Freeman)

Start by dipping and decorating your pretzels (see video instructions below).

Then whip up the filling: half a cup of natural peanut butter with around 5 tablespoons of powdered sugar. Set aside.

Make a batter from your favorite chocolate cake recipe or mix. Pour batter into cupcake papers, drop in a teaspoon of peanut butter filling, cover with a little more batter and bake.

After cupcakes cool, pipe a line of frosting around the edge. Squeeze on some chocolate ganache. Allow ganache to cool. Using a medium sized star tip, pipe a pretty splooch of icing on top and press in a pretzel. Share your creations with 2 dozen of your closest friends.

Video instructions:


  1. Your blog is so fun! I would add a listing of cupcakes on the sidebar so anyone could quickly find a recipe they like. You could also do a listing of charities, too!

  2. Ben told me, "I just want to eat that cupcake, Mama. And read that book with Grammy and Pop pop." Love the beautiful cupcakes!

  3. Awww... thank you Ben! But I think the cupcakes are stuck in the screen -- Grammy will come bake you some special cupcakes in July!

  4. Yay for cupcakes in July! I can't wait!