Saturday, April 9, 2011

Endless Love: Unbreakable family ties

Call us: Don and Jackie
Decade born: 1950's
Favorite cupcake: Endless Love
Making a difference: Supporting Salvation Army

Although they met through mutual friends, Jackie thinks of Don as her gift from heaven sent from her mom.  It didn’t take her long to fall in love with this romantic man and his precious five-year-old son, Spencer.

The three of them got married (Spencer got a ring, too!) on April 9, 1994. A few years later, they were blessed with a darling daughter, Maddie,  and the four of them share an unbreakable family bond of love that started with a providential meeting of hearts.

There’s no doubt that their marriage turned life around for more than just the two of them. That’s what love does — it has the power to change lives. Today, Don and Jackie support the Salvation Army for that very reason. This organization is all about showing love to folks who may be down on their fortune, and need a way to turn things around. To see how the Salvation Army (“Sally’s”) transformed one homeless man’s life, check out Richard LeMieux’s book, Breakfast at Sally's.

Without a doubt, the “Endless Love” cupcake is the perfect choice for this devoted family. Featuring 4 different chocolate components, and topped with a romantic double-dipped cherry, these flavors blend beautifully to bring your mouth and heart into harmony.

Make Endless Love cupcakes:

Make your double-dipped cherries first from Maraschino cherries with stems. Here's how:

  • Liquify red Wilton "melts" in the microwave (Check JoAnn's or Michael's). 
  • Add a spoonful of coconut oil or vegetable oil to thin out only slightly.
  • Dip cherries to the top and let cool on parchment paper.
  • Melt dark chocolate, adding coconut oil or vegetable oil as needed.
  • Dip cooled cherries a second time, but only half way up.
  • Put cherries in refrigerator while you make the cupcakes.
Make the filling by whipping up a chocolate mousse.

Make cupcakes from any chocolate cake recipe or mix.
Let cupcakes cool. Using a Bismarck tube, pipe the mousse into the center of the cupcakes (see video below).

Swirl on a white chocolate frosting. If you're like Maddie and like your frosting extra sweet, make a batch of confectioner's icing and whip in about 4 ounces of melted Baker's white chocolate. (Don't try to use melted white chocolate chips... you'll have a disaster on your hands!)

Melt some dark chocolate and pipe it on in a swirl. Top with a double-dipped cherry.

Video instructions:


  1. Great portrait of a lovely family! I love those cupcakes, so yummy. I couldn't find the link to the video instructions...

  2. Those look so yummy. The video looked fine on this computer, and it seems that it is already on YouTube. I only had trouble with the play/pause button not working unless I clicked off to the right of the button.