Sunday, May 8, 2011

First Kiss: A mother's privilege, a child's treasure

There is an instinct in a woman to love most her own child -- and an instinct to make any child who needs her love, her own.  --Robert Brault

Call me: Wendi
Decade born: 1970’s
Favorite cupcake: First Kiss
Making a difference: Being a Mom 

Wendi says she’s “just a mom.” To this mother of four boys, that means . . .

Nurturing her sons’ hearts and minds to become Godly men.
Loving, honoring and respecting her husband.
Mentoring young moms in crisis to ensure they have a healthy pregnancy and are fully equipped to provide for their own children.

And that’s just a start!

Although Wendi and her husband, Scott, feel tremendously blessed to have four healthy, energetic sons, this compassionate woman always wanted to have a daughter. So when their church announced an opportunity to sponsor a needy child through World Vision, her heart leapt at the chance.

The boys helped choose a little “sister” to become part of their family: 4-year-old Temere from Ethiopia The kids even pledged part of the money they earn to pay for their sister’s sponsorship.

It’s only been a few months, but already the boys are getting a bigger picture of what it means to truly be a family. Through World Vision, they’re doing more than providing for Temere’s daily nutrition, education and physical needs. By exchanging photos and writing letters, Temere knows she has a family in America who loves her, prays for her and has hope for her future.

That’s what a mother’s love does. Inspires. Nurtures. Sacrifices. Still, being a mother is not without its rewards . . . and that’s why “First Kiss” is the perfect treat to honor someone like Wendi: a classic yellow cake with a golden pastry cream center topped with a mound of glazed strawberries on a nest of sweet buttercream frosting. 

Sure, doctors will tell you there are complex biological reasons a mother kisses her newborn (sampling pathogens to stimulate memory B-cells that develop antibodies the baby needs). But it’s really much simpler than that: love.

Life begins with your mother’s first kiss. It's her privilege -- and a child’s treasure forever.

Make First Kiss cupcakes:

 Start by cooking up a rich pastry filling. Try this recipe if you don't already have one, or use a thick vanilla pudding. 

Bake cupcakes from your favorite yellow cake recipe or mix.

When the cupcakes and pastry cream are cooled, use a Bismarck tube to pipe in the golden center.

Wash, hull and cut fresh strawberries into bite-size pieces. Stir in a strawberry pie glaze. (See video below for a tip on how to hull strawberries even if you don't have a hulling tool!)

Edge your cupcakes with buttercream frosting so the strawberries won't fall over the side. Pile on the glazed strawberries and top with a dollop of buttercream frosting. Whether you're honoring mom, dad, a birthday kid or just whooping it up, you'll never forget your First Kiss.

PS: Here's a little-known fact. Strawberries are not actually berries at all. They are a member of the rose family called "Fragaria." So next time you want to show your mom or sweetheart your love, instead of a dozen roses  . . . why not try a dozen strawberries?

Video instructions:


  1. These are wonderful. You have a beautiful family and it sounds like it will soon get prettier with your new addition. I found you blog by chance but I'll definitely be back. I hope you have a great day. Blessings...Mary

  2. These look good Wendi! Your mom posted a link so I thought I would check it out.